06年业绩斐然 圆满归航
07年踌躇满志 再度扬帆
Celebrating on the remarkable achievements in 2006
Prospecting for an even greater success in 2007
- 记录励展中国发展轨迹
- A record of RX’s development track in China


(2007年2月1日, 北京) 励展博览集团中国区总裁兰德龙先生近日在北京发布了该集团中国区2006年的业务数据及发展概况。



在推出新展的同时,励展也没有放缓在中国开展多样化合作的步伐。让会展业人士记忆犹新的是,励展在去年6月的同一个周里宣布了两件大事:一是与中国机床总公司达成长期合作,共同管理和运营中国国际机床工具展览会,以提升该展会的规模以及专业化和国际化程度;二是收购了澳门的亚洲博采展,将其打造为拉斯维加斯世界博彩展览会在亚洲的姊妹展。兰德龙透露, 励展新近还从法国国际企业发展局(UBI France)收购了“艺术法国,家中绽放”法兰西家居装饰艺术展。该展会在更名为国际家居装饰艺术展后,将于今年6月在上海举办,届时将把世界一流的家居设计、高雅精品和餐桌艺术引入中国。



(January 29, 2007, Beijing) Mr. Dan Londero - President of Reed Exhibitions (RX) Greater China released the group’s business data and development overview in China at 2007 New Year Reception held by the company today.

According to Mr. Dan Londero, RX organized more than 30 trade fairs across China in 2006 with a total exhibition area of over 500,000 square meters, attracting more than 15,000 exhibitors (suppliers), more than 470,000 buyers and over 10,000 delegates from home and abroad. The above events served a wide range of core industries such as electronics, manufacturing, logistics, packaging, pharmaceutical, tourism, etc., with a geographical coverage over Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai Rim, and even southwest and northeast regions of China. It is safe to say that RX has increasingly become the most active trade fair organizer in this vast and emerging market of China.

Adhering to its philosophy of global dauntless innovation and continuously exploring and meeting the demand of the ever-changing market and industry, RX successfully launched 7 new events in China in 2006, including Assembly Technology Expo China (ATE) and Automotive Electronics South China (AE) both organized by RX China Shanghai Branch, SINO-FOLDINGCARTON and PACKAGING China organized by Reed Huayin, and the 1st China International Medical Congress (MEDCONGRESS) organized by Reed Sinopharm.

While launching new events, RX would not slow down its steps in carrying out diversified cooperation in China. Still fresh in the memory of industry insiders, RX announced two major actions in the same week in June: first, entering into a long term management cooperation with China Machine Tools Corporation on CIMES so as to increase the size and improve the professional and international calibers of the event; second, acquiring Asian Gaming Expo and re-baptized it as G2E Asia, in an effort to build it into Las Vegas G2E’s sister event in Asia. The above two events jointly managed and operated by RX will be staged in Beijing in 2008 and in Macau in 2007 respectively. What kind of Reed features and international elements will be incorporated into the next versions of these two events? Let’s wait and see! What’s more, during the 100th Canton Fair in last October, the RX delegation headed by Chairman Mike Rusbridge discussed with China Foreign Trade Center, the Canton Fair organizer, to explore future cooperation opportunities.

Mr. Dan Londero also made an outlook for RX’s business in China in 2007. In 2007, RX will stage over 30 events in China including several new launches, such as Asia Manufacturing Technology Expo to be staged in South China in August, and Composites & RP Asia in Hong Kong in September.

Mr. Dan Londero emphasized at the end of his address that, as a listed company under commercialized operation, RX never neglects its social responsibilities in China. In 2007, RX will continue to deliver on its commitments for the convention and exhibition industry in China, including promoting the industry’s sustainable development, supporting the “Blue Sky Convention & Exhibition Action” jointly initiated by Ministry of Commerce, CCPIT and other relevant authorities in 2006 by taking IPR protection measures and planning to offer its exhibitors with relevant suggestions and consultation at its own domestic trade fairs. Furthermore, RX will uphold exhibition stats auditing and transparency and advocate credibility-based practices in the convention & exhibition industry in China.