HKCEC Achieves Summer Records

(27 September 2006, Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) reached record highs in its exhibition-related business this past July and August. Exhibition rental revenue, occupancy and attendance were the highest of any summer in the HKCEC¨s 18-year history.

Revenue related to 17 exhibitions held during the period rose 9.5% to HK$ 54.32 million (US$ 7 million). Total exhibition area utilized increased 4.4% to 1,267,510 sq.m. Total attendance grew 5.3% to 2,656,434.

HKCEC Managing Mr. Cliff Wallace said, ^The strong summer performance resulted primarily from ever increasing demand for HKCEC¨s public shows which are considered to be major summer activities in Hong Kong. How pleased we are that our local citizens use the centre to this extent during what was years ago one of our slowest periods. ̄

Significant event statistics follow:
,Hong Kong Licensing Show 2006 (4-6 July), up 38.8% in space occupied.
,Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2007 (11-14 July), up 5.7% in space occupied and up 9.9% in attendance
,Hong Kong Wedding, Banquet & Bridal Lingerie Expo 2006 (14-16 July), up 14.6% in space occupied and up21% in attendance
,Hong Kong Book Fair 2006 (19-24 July), up 15.6% in space occupied and up 7.4% in attendance (a record-breaking attendance of 686,590)
,8th Hong Kong Ani-Com/3rd Hong Kong Game Fair (28 July-1 August), up 10.9% in space occupied and up 16.7% in attendance
,The 14th International Baby/Children Products Expo and 18th Hong Kong Baby Crawling Contest (5-7 August), up 12% in space occupied and up 59.6% in attendance
,Australian Education Festival 2006 (11-13 August), up 1.9% in space occupied
,2006 Hong Kong High-End Audio-Visual Show (11-13 August), up 10.6% in attendance
,Food Expo 2006 (17-21 August), up 8.5% in space occupied and up 3.2% in attendance (a record-breaking attendance of 316,927)
,International Conference & Exhibition of the Modernization of the Chinese Medicine & Health Products 2006 (17-21 August), up 2.4% in attendance

,5th Hong Kong Furniture & Homex 2006 (25-27 August), up 93.3% in space occupied and up 21.7% in attendance
,44th Wedding Fashion Expo (25-27 August), up 39.4% in space occupied and up 27.3% in attendance
,Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival 2006 (25-28 August), up 6.3% in space occupied and up 14.3% in attendance (a record-breaking attendance of 320,000)

The HKCEC continues to excel in its bookings, and usage. From its opening in 1988 through to 30 June 2006, the HKCEC has hosted 33,424 events, an average of over five events a day.

Photo Captions:

  1. The Hong Kong Book Fair 2006 recorded highest attendance of 686,590 visitors in its 17-year history.
  2. The Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival 2006, first launched in 2004, recorded highest attendance of 320,000 visitors in its 3rd edition.